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Airsoft Games - Combat Thrills Without the Danger

Do you ever sit at home watching your favorite action hero surging into battle and wish you could do the same? Well the fact is, you can. Through airsoft games, you can partake in simulations of battles and other scenarios and play the hero without any risk to yourself. Just pack your airsoft guns and battle gear and your ready to go. Or if you already enjoy paintball, why not pump up the action a notch by using airsoft guns? Not only is it far more realistic, you can save a fortune on laundry bills. Here's your guide to getting the most of out airsoft games.

First, let's take a look at what they are.

Airsoft games are organized activities using airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are replicas of real guns which fire plastic pellets using the power of a mechanical spring, gas or electricity.

Originally developed in Japan, these guns soon became popular in the United States. Initially they were used for target practice and range shooting, but later elaborate 'games' were developed ranging from simple one-to- one scenarios to full battle simulations.

Airsoft games vary considerably both in style and structure depending on such factors as location, budget, and the number of participants. They can range from short-term skirmishes and scenarios to full-blown military simulations and reenactments of historical conflicts.

Airsoft games can be highly structured events lasting days but the most common forms are known as pickup games or skirmishes. These events are informal regarding such matters as rules and dress. They often take the format of capture the flag style games in which each group tries to overrun and capture the base of the other with each in possession of a flag which makes up the prize.

Other popular airsoft game scenarios are manhunt, hostage rescue and king of the hill. These types of airsoft games can last from just an hour or so up to the whole day. The point is that there is tremendous flexibility in airsoft games which is part of their attraction for the average player.

The rules of airsoft games are pretty simple. If a player's gear or body is hit, he is out and must shout out "I'm hit" and raise his arms up high. Sometimes, he will hold up a 'hit marker' in the form of a bright cloth. He then has to walk directly to the safe zone. At this stage, he is not allowed to talk to other players.

If you play airsoft games, you'll have to work on the honor system. Unlike paintball games, there are no tell tale splatters to prove who's been hit. Most organized games will have a marshal who serves as a referee on matters of dispute.

If you plan to participate in airsoft games, here are some guidelines.

Airsoft games are very safe but it's essential to wear protective gear to protect your eyes and teeth. In fact, most players rig up in complete combat gear. Not only does it protect most parts of the body, it also adds to the sense of realism that makes an airsoft game so exciting. Items you should wear include army boots, kneepads, gloves, and goggles.

As for weapons and accessories, you need to have your main weapon pistols or airsoft rifles - along with 1000 rounds. A backup weapon is a good idea, too. If you have electric airsoft guns, try to pack replacement batteries and charger. If you're using gas airsoft guns, keep a spare gas tank handy. A spring airsoft gun is not recommended as it can only fire one round at a time.

And don't forget sustenance. Airsoft games can by physically demanding so you'll need to keep your energy up. Power bars and beef jerky are good rations. Be sure not to forget your water bottle. It's easy to get dehydrated on the battlefield.

Before you sign up for an airsoft game, make sure you spend enough time getting used to your airsoft gun on the shooting range beforehand. You need to be totally familiar with your equipment before entering battle.

There are also laws and regulations for airsoft gun use you'll need to follow. For example, you have to be at least 18 years old.

When it comes to buying airsoft guns, you'll find the best deals online. You can browse online catalogues for your weapon of choice and it will be delivered complete with ammo by courier within a few days.


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