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Caution: Most airsoft guns malfunctioning issues are due to poor care. Use only 6mm quality BB's. Do not use lead BB's or poor quality paintball BB's, copper BB's, buckshot, ball bearings or any other foreign objects because they will damage or jam.

Proper Care:
Caution: Make sure "SAFETY" is on before attempt to clean your airsoft guns. Make sure the gun is empty of all ammunition. To operate properly your airsoft guns requires maintenance. Simple oiling and cleaning are sufficient. Lack of maintenance may cause poor performance.
Oiling: To maintain top shooting performance add a few drops of silicon oil and the moving parts of the bolt and magazine. Do not over oil. After oiling, fire your unloaded airsoft gun in the muzzle up position several times to evenly distribute the oil.
Cleaning: Wipe off with a clean cloth any access dirt that may build up. Use cotton swab to clean grit, excess oil or broken paintballs inside the open breach.

Practice Safety. Ammunition should be stored separately from you airsoft guns to keep them from untrained shooters. Magazine should be removed from the airsoft gun and unloaded. Make sure to clean, dry, empty and un-cock your airsoft gun before storing in a safe place.
Caution: The components of airsoft guns were engineered to deliver optimum performance. Any modification or tampering with an airsoft gun may cause a malfunction and may make it unsafe to use. Any change in performance (such as a lowered trigger pull force and shortened trigger travel) indicates possible modification, tampering and/or wear. Any such airsoft gun should be inspected, replaced or properly repaired by qualified personnel to insure that its function has not been affected. In addition, not providing proper care for your airsoft guns may void the manufacturers warranty, if any.


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