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Benefits of Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

There are many benefits of gas powered airsoft guns that you can use to your advantage, although a great deal depends on how you intend to use the gun. People use airsoft guns for a number of reasons, the most popular being:

  • To collect authentic-looking useable replicas.
  • For gaming, similar to paintballing.
  • For target shooting and sniper tournaments.
  • Just for fun.

What benefits does gas have over spring or electrically powered guns, and does it have any disadvantages that you should know about before you make your decision? You should first consider your reason for buying the air gun, how much you want to pay and then consider the pros and cons for each in view of your end use.

Is Price Important?

If price is important, you can get cheap spring powered airsoft pistols for anything from about $15 to around $50. These are decent airsoft guns and not cheap plastic imitations. A rifle will cost a little more. Gas airsoft guns can cost around $50 to over $200 for a high-powered blowback automatic rifle.

Electric powered guns can cost you a $100 or more. So the price structure is generally spring cheapest, then non-blowback gas, then blowback gas with electric generally dearest, although a gas sniper rifle can set you back around $400.

Authentic Replicas

The main benefits of gas powered airsoft guns center round their authentic look and feel. Gas powered guns, particularly the pistols, offer a number of benefits over the other types of power available. They not only look like the genuine article, but also feel like it. Most pistols are too small to accommodate the electric motor and mechanism, and spring powered guns are no good for automatic fire.

Most gas powered guns come with a feature known as 'blowback', where after shooting the gas is reused to force the slide or bolt back to load the next bb, just like in a real gun. It also provides the recoil or 'kick' you get when firing a real gun - particularly in auto mode.

If you pay extra for a licensed airsoft gun that displays the genuine manufacturer's logo (e.g. Desert Eagle, Colt, Sig Sauer or Uzi) then get a much higher level of authenticity. Such guns also have metal parts and are significantly more reliable and accurate then standard airsoft guns.

There are few doubts that one of the most important benefits of gas powered airsoft guns for the true collector are their high degree of authenticity compared to spring or electric guns.

Gas Guns for Airsoft Games

Gaming is becoming increasingly popular, just as paintballing did a few decades ago. The main benefit of gas powered guns is their power. Gas offers a much higher muzzle velocity and range than spring or electrically powered guns can achieve, and many choose gas for this reason.

One big disadvantage of spring power is that it is suitable only for single shot guns, because the spring has to be re-tensioned after each shot. Not so with gas or electric guns where semi and full automatic operation is possible. One drawback with gas powered airsoft guns with blowback, however, is that the blowback feature uses a lot of gas, and if you are using the gum in automatic mode, then you may have to carry spare gas cylinders with you - very inconvenient on the battlefield, so most tend to prefer electric for gaming.

Target Shooting and Sniper Simulation

One of the major benefits of gas powered airsoft guns is their accuracy and range when sniping and target shooting. Some use electric powered rifles, although a gas powered rifle without blowback can provide a higher muzzle velocity than AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) and therefore greater accuracy over a longer distance.

That is one reason for knowing your main usage before buying a gun. Yes, gas powered guns offer an authentic look and feel with blowback, but the price you pay for that is power and accuracy since some of that power is used to move the slide back and effect the recoil. Also, the gas rifle without blowback will be intrinsically more accurate because there is no kick-back with the shot.

Using Airsoft Guns for Fun

If you are using your gun just for fun, then a spring powered gun will adequate for you. If you are shooting at targets or knocking things off walls, then why pay an extra $100 for the extra accuracy that you donít really need. If that fun starts getting serious, then sure, consider changing to a gas powered gun, but otherwise you are fine with a spring - and you can get some pretty good spring powered licensed airsoft guns if you want one.


Basically, the only conclusion that you can come to is that you choose what suits you best. Unless you have unlimited funds, then there's no need to spend over $100 if a $30 airsoft gun will do you. Apart from that, you would likely choose a gas powered airsoft gun if you are saving authentic replicas, and an electric automatic rifle if you are involved in games. A gas powered non-blowback rifle for targets and sniping and a spring powered rifle for fun.


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