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Buyer's Guide to Airsoft Guns

Owning an airsoft gun can bring some much needed excitement and adventure into your life. Whether you're competing against yourself on a shooting range or as part of team in an airsoft game or role play, you now can safely experience the challenge of combat and join a long tradition of people who have mastered the use of weapons. So how do you go about acquiring the right airsoft gun for your needs? The type of gun you'll want to get depends on such factors as what you plan to use it for and your budget. Here's what you need to know.

First, let's look at the uses of airsoft guns.

For most people, using an airsoft gun is a hobby. Some are ex military or police, others just ordinary people who want the challenge of learning to shoot a gun. If you're one of the latter, you can get a basic airsoft gun for a very reasonable price. Your options are basically spring airsoft guns, gas airsoft guns and electric airsoft guns.

The spring airsoft gun is the most basic and works on mechanical power. You just need to cock it before use by pulling back a bolt just as you would with a real gun. You can get both handguns and rifles with spring action and these are perfect for the first-time or casual user. The only drawback is that they’re incapable of automatic or semi-automatic fire which makes them unsuitable for competitions or war games.

Gas airsoft guns work by using compressed gases such as green gas or CO2 to blast the pellets out of the gun. They're perfect for target practice, but not really suitable for games. Airsoft games can take many forms depending on location, budget, and the number of participants. They include quick skirmishes, organized battle scenarios, military simulations and reenactments. They're a great way to build a sense of comradeship and get a sense of living on the edge (without the danger).

If participating in airsoft games is your intention, you'll need an electic airsoft gun. In these types of weapon, a rechargeable battery is used to power an motor that works a mechanism that shoots the pellets. Electric airsoft rifles or pistols can use high capacity magazines holding 100s of pellets. You can get spring airsoft rifles as models of AK47s and other famous weaponry.

Insofar as the Asian market is concerned it has always been interested in the collection of guns, especially in the land of Japan. The most obvious difference is that Airsoft guns are very good replicas of original weapons whereas the Paintball weapons bore a distinctive look of the barrel. It doesn’t somehow emulate the magic of a firearm.

The next thing to consider is you budget. The most basic type of airsoft gun, the springer is very inexpensive. You can pick one up for about $50. These are perfect to start off with and later when you get passionate about the subject, it’s easy to upgrade to a more sophisticated model. Whatever model you choose, it won't break the bank. Gas airsoft pistols range from $70-200 and electric rifles are priced from $150 to $270.

Other than buying the weapon itself, you'll also need ammunition, of course. Airsoft guns use pellets also known as BBs or plastic BBs. These are generally 6 millimeters in diameter and weight about .12 Grams and up. Airsoft pellets come in a range of colors including yellow, red, and blue and can also get items that glow in the dark which is useful for nighttime use.

One thing to remember is that for gas and electric airsoft guns, you'll have to pay for the power as well as for the gun itself and the pellets. Green gas, for examples comes in cans. One can on average allows you to fire some 2000 rounds. The warmer the temperature, the more use you'll get from your gas canister. Electric guns come with economical rechargeable batteries.

Another expense you may be tempted to incur is for airsoft gun accessories. Some of these such as eye protection masks are essential if you're participating in games and the like. Others such as targets and scopes can be useful. Still others such as caps with FBI logos are more for role playing than actual shooting. They can bring a refreshing sense of realism to your activities, however.

Buying your airsoft gun online is fast, easy and convenient. Just visit the web site of a reputable online vendor and check out the illustrated catalogues of items. The best online vendors offer a complete list of weapons accessories and ammunition. Placing your order is simple and delivery is by courier.


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