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Airsoft News

Welcome to the Airsoft News Page !, we update this airsoft page as the news becomes available, we encourage you to Email us with any Airsoft news that you may have available, we than after reviewing and approving the contents will post it here, it is a great way to let others know what goes on out there!!!

The Kalashnikov AKS 74 U Full Metal and Wood Hand-Guard. This is a hot AEG and new in the market! This metal body and metal gear box is designed for durability. The high cap magazine holds enough bb's to keep you in action, and the folding stock lets you handle the rifle in different needed situations. Cybergun seems to have done it again! More.....

Airsoft King is having an Airsoft Gun Video Contest

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New range of Airsoft guns available from Airsoft King

Newark, DE, Aug 27, 2010 -- Airsoft King, the US based online retailer of airsoft guns has added a new range of products to its portfolio. Stephen Hughes the spokesperson for the company released this information to the press. The new range includes different models of Gas Airsoft Guns, Electric Airsoft Guns and Gas Airsoft Guns. With the increase in demand from clients for different models of guns, accessories and magazines Airsoft King has upgraded its portfolio to include models such as Uzi, Famas, Desert Eagle and sigpro. The store has a well stocked repository of spare parts, upgrades and accessories that are required by gun enthusiasts to maintain their models in prime condition. The models sold by the company cater to beginners, intermediate level enthusiasts and for advanced level gamers. The range of products include spring, gas and electric Airsoft rifles as well as pistols, shotguns, Airsoft sniper rifles, tactical gear, Airsoft accessories, and much more.

There is enough information provided by the company for each of the products that are retailed online. Customers who buy products from Airsoft King have appreciated the information provided on various products. The company ensures that new products are added to the company’s portfolio as soon as they are launched in the market. Mr. Hughes said that that the company offers products at different price points to cater to a wide range of buyers. There is also a separate section in the website which displays cheap airsoft guns. As a second generation retailer of different models of airsoft guns the company has in-depth expertise about the business. As a result it is able to suggest the right products to customers. Mr. Hughes said that some of the most sought after models in the company’s portfolio include AEG Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Machine Guns, Metal Airsoft Guns, Co2 Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Snipers.

A fully functional support team offers customers immediate resolution with their queries pertaining to any product. Apart from technical queries the company has a comprehensive repository of Q&A which answers most of the common questions asked by prospective customers. The company offers various payment options and faster delivery which makes it a preferred online seller of airsoft guns. Mr. Hughes said that wide portfolio of products, enhanced customer service, better prices will always remain a differentiating factor for Airsoft King. The company has invested money and time in ensuring that backend logistics is streamlined. Once an order is received it is quickly processed by the team at Airsoft King and ordered for delivery. The company will also expand its team to ensure that all operations are executed seamlessly.

Mr. Hughes further said that in future customers can expect a wider range of products from the company supported by accessories, upgrades and spare parts. Airsoft King, as a leading supplier of airsoft guns will continue to supply high quality products to customers. The management is fully committed to ensure that customer satisfaction and service remains a prime focus of the company. He thanked all stakeholders for their continuous support towards the success of Airsoft King.

For more information visit

Stephen Hughes
Company Details:
Airsoft King
Yonkers, NY 10710
Tel: 478 - AIRSOFT (247-7638)

Tips for Airgun Safety By Tom Aromi

The first thing to do when you have a BB gun or air rifle, it's to check if it is loaded or not. This is the first tip for your safety. You will not have any way to check if it is loaded if the gun doesn't have a bolt. So the second tip to give you is not to point anybody. People sometimes thought that a BB gun cannot cause injuries, and that is not correct. It is a gun. Do not carry a loaded or cocked BB gun into a public place, car, or your house. It is recommended to never carry a loaded gun with you while you are climbing trees, fences or jumping. Even with a BB gun - this could cause the gun to go off, causing injury to yourself or someone near you. One of the targets that you must never shoot with a BB gun, are water or flat surfaces. Those kind of surfaces cause bullet rebounds, that is why the BB bullets are really different, they are lighter. When you are going to shoot be sure that there is something behind the target that can stop the bullet. If you are target practicing with air rifles, air pistols or air guns - you must always be alert as to what is in the area of the target. You will want to be sure that there is no possibility of a person or animal walking in front of the target and that there is nothing beyond the target that can be broken or injured if hit. It is suggested that you use a shooting range when target practicing, especially during the learning phase of gun safety. Also, it is a good habit to wear shooting glasses during target practice. To use a gun, you must respect the other's property and of course to act on a responsible way. You cannot walk through a property with a gun. Be sure to always act responsibly and to respect the property of others. Never aim a gun at a person or someone else's property. This is true for any gun, including an Airsoft gun. Your children will have access to guns, so you must teach them the damage that they will cause if they use guns as toys. A gun is not a toy, it must be respected, and they should understand that they may cause injuries. Children must respect guns, if they do that, they will continue using them in a safe way during their life.


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