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UHC Model UA956B Compact Open Slide Spring Airsoft Gun Black

USP Full-Sized Replica Airsoft Pistol. Replica of the actual Universal Selbstlade Pistole (German), or Universal Self-loading Pistol made by Heckler & Koch.

Airsoft Disclaimer :  All Airsoft guns are shipped with required blaze orange barrel tip markings per Federal Law. 

  • 1:1 full scale
  • Open slide/ejection port 
  • Spring Operated-single shot
  • Hop Up System
  • Full Sized Magazine
  • Magazine capacity 25 BB's
  • Working Safety
  • Velocity: 200 FPS
  • Calibre: 6mm BB or Paintball
  • Material: Heavy Weight Antishock ABS
  • Made by UHC
  • UA956B


Price $24.00
List Price $35.00 ~ You save $11.00

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Choosing an Airsoft Gun:   Although there are only 3 types of Airsoft guns available, gas, electric and spring, each type has different versions with added features and extras. Making a decision on the type of Airsoft gun to purchase will ultimately depend on the reason you want the gun, whether it is for practicing shooting at targets or playing in a game with other players. Read full article.



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