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Electric Gen.II AEG-RIS Tactical Airsoft Rifle

The TSD Gen.II AEG RIS tactical electric airsoft gun comes with a built in scope and is both fully and semi automatic. This electric aeg rifle, when using .20g bbs, has a velocity of 330 to 380 fps and even features an adjustable hop up system for improved accuracy. _x000D__x000D_Product Features:_x000D_Color: Black_x000D_FPS: 330-380 w/ 0.20g_x000D_Rate of Fire: 800 rounds per minute_x000D_Fire Modes: Semi Auto, Full Auto, Safety Mode_x000D_Hop Up: Metal / Adjustable_x000D_Bushings & Gears: Harden Steel_x000D_Reciever: Nylon, Reinforced with Fiberglass_x000D_Barrel: Aluminum_x000D_Motor: SRC Ultra Torque_x000D_Includes: 3pc RIS rails, 2-470rd mag_x000D_Features: Built-in-Scope, Reinforced TM Compatible Gearbox & A Larger Handguard to fit Mini Battery (ERBAT3, ERBAT13, or ERBAT24). _x000D_Battery & charger Not included._x000D_Recommended Batteries: ERBAT12, ERBAT13, ERBAT3, ERBAT14, ERBAT19, ERBAT22, ERBAT23 or ERBAT24, ERBAT6, ERBAT9_x000D_Recommended Chargers: ERCHARGERS or ERUSC01)_x000D_SDGE0633

Airsoft Disclaimer: All Airsoft guns are shipped with required blaze orange barrel tip markings per Federal Law.

Price $229.95
List Price $259.95 ~ You save $30.00

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Why Are Airsoft Guns So Popular?   Owning a real gun is beyond the means of many people for various reasons like acquiring a license and steep price. The next best alternative to it are Airsoft guns. An airsoft gun can be of three different types. It can either be a gas powered gun or a spring airsoft gun or an electric gun. Read full article.



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