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Where Should You and Should Not Use Airsoft Guns

For those who want to join in an airsoft game, there are commercial airsoft venues you can go to that have rules and regulations to safeguard against accidents and keep members safe and unharmed.

Attempting to play an airsoft game on local recreational ground or in any area that is open to everyone can prove to be a danger to you, other members and the general public. Giving no prior warning that an airsoft game is in process will only bring you a lot of trouble.

Airsoft games are often fast and furious as well as being a lot of fun. Taking cover and hiding from your opponents are just part of the strategies and tactics involved in a game. Any passerby who sees someone dressed up in military gear, hiding behind a tree and aiming at another person is obviously going to be startled and even frightened.

Airsoft rifles, although only replicas, are very life-like and can be difficult to tell between that and a real firearm. Obviously you know it is only a replica, but do you think they are going to stop and listen to an explanation from you? It is more likely they will run as fast as they can to report the incident to the local police, and the next thing you know you are surrounded by the local force and have a lot of explaining to do.

Another reason as to why you shouldn’t play an airsoft game in an unofficial location is that you can never be sure who will pass through the area and, as they are unaware of a game going on, there is a high possibility that they could suffer an injury. Someone straying into the line of fire from an airsoft rifle will be without the safety gear you should be wearing; standard safety requirements at an official airsoft site include goggles and a facemask for protection.

Responsible players of airsoft games realize the alarming effect their military gear and replica guns can have on the general public who are likely to think the guns are real firearms. Airsoft members are expected to be tactful when carrying their gear to and from a venue so as not to cause any panic. Most people have never been near a gun, replica or real, and will not be able to tell the difference between the two.

With the ever increasing popularity of airsoft games spreading across the country the amount of game sites are growing and players should have no problem finding a game site near to them. These are the safest places to play as everyone there understands it is only a game and the guns are replicas, permission has been given, and no-one will be shocked by your attire.

However for those who find there is no game site near to them, it is possible to find an alternative private site that would be appropriate. The area should be taped off somehow to prevent people wandering into the firing area.

If you find an area that looks perfect for airsoft games always approach the owner of the land to seek permission. Remember, people will have different views on games using guns and might not want their land to be used for such purposes. If this is the case you will just have to accept it.

Once you have the owners permission you then need to inform the local law enforcement officials where and when each airsoft game is taking place, so as to avoid any misunderstandings. There have been occasions in the past whereby an officer has arrived at the scene of a reported gunman and believed the replica rifle to be a real firearm. Alerting the landowner and the local police should avoid situations such as these from occurring.

Knowing how to react if such a situation should arise is imperative for your safety. Do everything you are told by the police and make no sudden movements. Drop the gun, put your hands up and keep calm. A police officers job is take care of the general public and he cannot be sure if your gun is real or not from a distance and will take the presumption that it is a real firearm.

If you can, always try and play airsoft games in an official venue where they are permitted. There are advantages as they have been especially selected to provide the right surroundings for an enjoyable game, such as sufficient camouflage, dense woodland and open grassland, and are the safest places to play.


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